What's it About?
This is the first piece of Drawn in Translation, a personal project where I illustrate the literal and conceptual meanings of Chinese characters. At first glance, the characters don't look like they have an alphabet but they do use radicals, a set of consistent visuals used in multiple characters which can signify the meaning of the whole character. 
As a visual communicator, I see Mandarin characters as a sophisticated design language that we can learn so much from. Each character holds not only linguistic but also visual meaning that is deeply ingrained. 
思 is a Chinese character that translates into "to consider/deliberate". The individual simple characters translate to "field(田)" and "heart (心)".
Uprooting a language and trying to translate concepts directly is a notoriously difficult task. Some concepts only make sense in the entire sentence, and the sentence will have a cultural context. Through this project, I hope to explore how these subtleties can be communicated through visual means, where meaning is both more immediate and nebulous.
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