What's it About?
This illustration is a visual exploration of the place that anger holds in society, especially when displayed by female-presenting people. There is an oxymoron present in western societies where marginalized people can only have their emotions taken seriously if expressed in an “acceptable” way. The symbolism in this piece pokes fun at the label of “tiger woman”, and asks the viewer how they are reading the maid and the tiger ready to pounce beside each other. Femme East Asian and mixed-race folks are often pigeonholed as “submissive” and “obedient” when young, but then transition into labels like “tiger mom” as they age.
I was inspired by traditional Chinese fabric colour palettes but translated into digital colour space. I wanted to represent a sense of history but also how it can misrepresent the truth and depth of individual experiences. By mixing old and new I hope to destabilize the viewer's reading of this piece. I aimed to provoke thought about how history and present-day culture are constantly intermingling and being redefined by each other.
Collective Arts Brewing​​​​​​​
Tiger Woman is officially a part of Collective Arts Brewing's Series 15 lineup, chosen from an open call for submissions. The illustration and colour palette pair with the citrus and hops flavours of the Ransack the Universe IPA.
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