On a conceptual level, how do we imagine a user interface for emerging technology? The answer was a careful mix of existing user experiences that viewers can recognize, with a stylized interface that adds believability to the virtual world created in this music video.
Mood Boards
Ideation Process
This project involved close collaboration with the production team to ensure the compatibility of file formats and optimization for VR/AR software. Special consideration was given during the design process to ensure the screens would be legible in different colour palettes.
UI option 1
UI option 1

Compatibility Test - V1

Chosen UI option

Desktop concept

Noise and texture experiments for chosen screens

Director / VR Cinematographer / Editor - Nancy Lee
Visual Artist / VFX Specialist - Laine Butler
Technical Adviser /  Volumetric Video Technician - Ian Lavery 
Technical Adviser / VR Cinematography Developer - Neilson Koerner-Safrata 
Graphic Designer - Kyla Yin
Production Coordinator - Andie Lloyd
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